Looking for a top flight lawn & tree company that provides lawn care service for Central Wyoming? Call the friendly experts at T and M Lawn & Tree to schedule lawn fertilizing, insect treatments, weed control, disease treatments, and sprinkler system maintenance. We work extremely hard to stay on top of the latest trends in the lawn service industry so we’re able to offer superior lawn care service for our customers. We’re proud to provide green and lush Lawns & Trees in Central Wyoming for all of our commercial properties, and residential homes.

Lawn & Tree fertilization

Our Lawn Care Services include:


Weed Control And Management




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Pest Control

Definition of PEST

  • 1: an epidemic disease associated with high mortality; specifically : PLAGUE
  • 2: something resembling a pest in destructiveness; especially : a plant or animal detrimental to humans or human concerns (as agriculture or livestock production)
  • 3: one that pesters or annoys : NUISANCE

While we cannot cure the plague or remove a person that may pester you, we can make your Life easier by ridding you of those annoying weeds & insects that invade your landscaping. T and M Lawn & Tree promises to give you the most professional and reliable pest control in the industry.

Lawn & Tree Insects

T and M Lawn & Tree has experience in insect treatment for our happy customers in the Central Wyoming area. We’ve spent years identifying the broad variety of insects that thrive...

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Lawn Weed & Disease Control

T and M Lawn & Tree uses a two step approach for a virtually weed free yard.

Pre-emergent Treatments:

Pre-emergent treatments are...

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Sprinkler System

Does your sprinkler system need repair?
Our service manager has more than 20 years’ experience
We can help with everything from fixing a broken sprinkler head to reprogramming your sprinkler system timer. We’ll diagnose and repair any sprinkler issues you may be having. Some common sprinkler system repair or maintenance items include:
• Broken Sprinkler Heads
• Stuck Sprinkler Valves
• High or Low Water...

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