Lawn & Tree fertilization

Our Lawn Care Services include:


Weed Control And Management



At T and M Lawn & Tree, we offer both liquid applications as well as a dry winterizing fertilizer. Our liquid fertilizer is blended in our shop developed to deliver the most nutrients to create a lush and lovely lawn throughout the Summer.
Our dry fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer that is put down in the fall to give you an extended release to feed your lawn for up to 16 weeks.
Five Round Fertilization Program:
Our comprehensive five round fertilizer application program will wake up your lawn, keep it fed throughout the season, and put it to bed with a healthy meal. We’ll provide your grass with the essential nutrients necessary for long-term health and a luxurious lawn.
– Round 1 –
In early Spring, we wake up a sleepy lawn with a high nitrogen liquid application. We also add a dose of iron to speed up the greening process. Herbicide is also included to get a jump on those pesky early weeds.
– Round 2 –
A slightly lower dose of nitrogen is used on this liquid application. As Wyoming has a later annual weed germination than some states, a pre-emergent herbicide as well as a post emergent is used. Iron is added for continued greening.
– Rounds 3 and 4 –
These Summer applications include the use of iron, which assist in keeping your lawn brilliantly green without excessive overgrowth.
– Round 5 –
Fall is the time we put your lawn to bed. A proper feeding will promote root growth all Winter.

Lawn Aeration Service:

Another lawn care treatment we offer at T and M Lawn & Tree is called aeration. This process allows water and nutrients to penetrate deep into your lawn’s roots for a thicker and stronger lawn. A healthier lawn is so much easier to maintain and enjoy.
Call the experts at T and M Lawn & Tree for our expert advice and a fair quote. Our technicians will be delighted to create a lawn care plan that will enhance the health of your landscape for years.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization:

Robust trees and shrubs require deep root fertilizer treatments to receive the necessary nutrients that will promote healthy growth plus build-up the strength and resistance trees and shrubs need to fight off attacks from pest and disease.
Green and lush outdoor plants are a cornerstone of a gorgeous landscape design. At T and M Lawn & Tree, we work hard to enhance your ability to enjoy the beauty of your yard all season long. We’ll assess the needs of your individual trees and shrubs for customized treatment plans.

Goodbye Chlorosis:

Appropriate tree and shrub care includes fertilization treatments that will also halt the progression of chronic plant conditions like chlorosis. You can recognize chlorosis when the leaves of your trees or shrubs turn yellow.
Lack of chlorophyll development can cause chlorosis. Properly fertilizing and nourishing your trees and shrubs will ensure your greenery gets the proper amount of chlorophyll it needs to flourish.